I know most feline owners are challenged with grooming your kitty cat. For instance when a cat grooms it removes loose hair from the body and it ends up in it’s stomach. I know sometimes, the hair comes together and forms a ball in there. For example it can’t pass it, it is likely it won’t break down but will come up instead. I know most cats have trouble with removing hairballs. If the kitty can not get them up, it can get into the intestines and cause a blockage. Most importantly this is life threatening to the pet. Above all else if your kitten seems to be constipated it may be a sign of a blockage. In addition if the cat is lethargic and the coat is dull and this too may be a sign. Therefore watch that it eats as they normally do.

Grooming Your Kitty Cat

For instance you should call and take him to see the veterinarian who will then find out if it is a hairball. I would say one of the best ways to do this is to groom the pet. In addition the long haired kitten need to be brushed each day. If you start to groom it when it is still young, they will learn to tolerate it. Best of all it may even look forward to being groomed. Make sure it is still a good quality food for your pet, one that is high in protein and other nutrients.

I know you can try some of the more natural remedies as well but you should insure they are okay with your vet first. Therefore these include such things as pumpkin, mineral oils and butter. If your Grooming Your Kitty Cat and having trouble with hairballs, talk to your vets about what you should do.