I know some canine owners ponder how to Safe Guard Your Pet Dog This Summer. If you have a hard time in summer imagine how it must feel under a fur coat. For example here are some simple tips to help your dog beat the heat. If you have a shaggy dog like a Pomeranian, or Pekinese any such variation then listen up. For instance when a dog needs a hair cut it should be cut with scissors and not shaved. I would not cut around the whiskers but you can carefully trim around the feet. The less hair on your puppy the cooler it will keep. If you have a short haired canine no need for a trim.

Best Pet Animal Gate

I will say pet food can be lighter and given before it gets hot in the morning. For instance depending on the dogs normal pet diet, reduce intake. I would say you can replace with soya, mashed or cooked with meat flavor. Therefore when a puppy dog is panting give ice to lick. I know dog walks should be taken early and then again after sundown. Besides don’t encourage chasing dog toys, fetching pet toys too much.

If you enjoy air conditioning so does your pooch. If you have a cooled pet pen space share it with your pooch. You should never leave dogs in a completely closed space. If your puppy dog is home, Leave on the fan. I will say dogs sweat from their tongues so never tie or muzzle the mouth. Therefore giving medical vet treatment see if you can hold the head rather than tying the mouth. If you have to tie the mouth be sure to release as quickly as possible. I know some puppy owners ponder how to Safe Guard Your Pet Dog This Summer.