I know most animal owners struggle with Hazards That Can Affect Our Pets. For instance is your home safe for your Furry Kids? It might surprise you to know how many hazards there are in a home for the pets we love. Therefore be aware that anti-freeze, pest sprays, rat poison should be kept where no pet can get to them. I know many of us have heard about plants that are poison for pets such as mistletoe and poinsettias. I would say have you ever considered the following potential dangers to your pet?

Hazards That Can Affect Our Pets

1. Besides pets chewing on electrical cords can receive a potentially fatal shock. I would say is especially prevalent around the holidays when extension cords are used.

2. I know Ingesting harmful foods; chocolate can be fatal.
3. For instance toys that are worn can begin to fall apart and small pieces of them can be swallowed.

4. I know pets that get into the garbage can may eat bones, coffee grounds, spoiled food.

5. For example pets may ingest cleanser, soap, bleach, mothballs, paint, pool chemicals.

6. I would say many medications intended for humans can be fatal to pets.

7. For instance the dryer is a wonderfully warm spot for a cat to take a nap…make sure they can’t get inside.

I once had a kitten that, unknown to me, swallowed a needle and thread. For instance my first indication was a lump I noticed on his throat. Most importantly when I got to the vet, x-rays were taken and the item removed. Above all else the kitten and I were both traumatized. Firstly when you are using potentially dangerous tools like power saws make sure your pet is confined. I know most canine owners struggle with Hazards That Can Affect Our Pets.