I know by Helping Displaced Pets can be a very rewarding thing for some. In addition the canine shelters are filled of the pets left behind. For instance displaced cats and dogs are victims of a Hurricane are turning up in pet shelters and Humane Societies across the USA. I have heard some times many rescuers have stopped trying to find the dogs and cats. Instead they have opted to just leave pet food and water for the thousands of animals trying to survive.

For instance the Atlanta Humane Society is currently housing pets that belong to evacuees. For example in the area and is offering free medical assistance to any evacuee cats and dogs in need. Most importantly the Arizona Humane Society is in south is trying to help provide for the canines and felines left behind..

I would say their community, and the animals that they love, are just like ours. I know we’re proud to be able to support not only our partners in animal welfare but their neighbors. Most importantly we feel that they are friends and family and we will work through this disaster. Best of all the puppy shelter said the dogs will be flown in will be given time to adjust before they are placed.

It’s very dire and the pet organization is doing everything it can to help the displaced dogs and cats affected by Hurricane.  I know by Helping Displaced Pets that were already set up for adoption out of the impacted region. For instance Pen Pals Animal Shelters will have more capacity to help animals in their community.  I know Pen Pals Animal Shelter was constructed with a grant from HSUS following the devastation of Hurricane. It is one of the animal shelter in the county helping out now.

Helping Displaced Pets