I know most feline owners want to know how fast will your pet cat grow. For instance kittens are born blind and they are completely dependent on their feline mother. I would say the first stages will involve learning to eat and then growing. I know the kitten’s eyes will open and it will want to explore. For example at four weeks old, it is romping around shakily with kitten siblings.

I would say they can begin to learn to use the kitty litter box. In the wild, the kitten’s mother will start to supplement it’s diet with dead mice. For instance you may want to give them some soft kitten food or some dry cat food that is softened.

I would say at six weeks old the feline kitten is more than ready to explore the home. If indoors, the kitten will move from room to room. Besides a feral kitten will follow it’s feline when she goes to hang out. Best of all these cats will still receive mice from their mother, but they aren’t dead anymore. Instead, the kitten has to learn to hunt the animal. Above all else at eight weeks old will be completely weaned from their feline mother.

Most importantly you’ll need to get them in to be vaccinated at this time so that they are healthy at the vets. For instance if the kitty cat has long hair, make sure to get him used to allowing you to groom them. Best of all they will still be playful but may get carried away to play too aggressively. Besides if your cat is not neutered at six months of age, it will be mature enough to reproduce now. I know most kitten owners want to know how fast will your pet cat grow.

How Fast Will Your Pet Cat Grow