I know many pet owners are wonder how to stop your dog from pulling when walking. For instance the first day of life on a leash can be challenging. I would say most dogs learn that by pulling on it, they get to where they want faster. Its the behavior that so many dog owners struggle with. Its a simple solution – just stop walking. For example somehow your pet dog doesn’t learn its just that simple. I would say we aren’t teaching it effectively enough.

Therefore you have taught your dog that everything else is okay. I know when they want to sniff the fire hydrant they want to pull. Besides when they want to meet your neighbors it wants to pull. Best of all when it wants to chase a squirrel it wants to pull. For these reasons you must train your puppy the correct way to walk on a leash.

I know as a animal owner you have decided, that to walk my canines is by using a puppy durable leash. I still enforce the rules – the dog pulls, I stop. For instance the puppy pays attention and walks with me, I move forward and often give pooch treats and praise for doing so with the pet. Best of all I recommend these two simple items, prevention and safety. If the pet does pull, they don’t continue to go forward.

I would put the leash on your puppy, and go for a leisurely walk where he’ll be tempted to do something. In teaching how to control your animal using a dog leash, training is an important respect lesson for both of you. For instance it should be used regularly on your new pet to achieve the highest results in training. Emphasis on buying USA made pet dog products.

How Stop Your Dog From Pulling