I know most pet owners struggle how to housebreak your dog. I would consider some of the things your puppy is willing to roll in. For instance it’s a bit hard to believe they’re picky and specific about their toilet areas. I know dogs will go to great lengths to avoid soiling near where they eat or sleep. For example that means any accidents an un-housebroken pet has will be far from its food and dog bed. Most importantly to a dog, however, “far” can mean about 6-10 feet. Above all else this leaves lots of “fair game” space in your home, unless you guide to suitable spots.

How to Housebreak Your Dog

Best of all whether your dog is a puppy, or new to your home, the process is the same. I would every few hours, take the dog outside to a place you designate as a “bathroom” area. Above all else 30 minutes after the pet puppy eats, do the same. For instance stay in this bathroom area, and praise the dog lavishly when they relieve themselves. If the dog doesn’t use the bathroom when you’ve taken them outside to the appropriate spot, try again later. I would continue doing this until they’ve actually used the bathroom spot.

Besides if your puppy is less than four months old, you should plan on getting up during the night. I know puppies over four months of age can usually “hold it” through the night. For example if your dog cries to be let out, get up & let them tend to the urge. It is vital that you give your pet dog every chance to succeed during this time. Positive reinforcement of the proper behavior is the fastest way to teach your dog. I know most canine owners struggle how to housebreak your dog.