I know many pet owners how to play with your dogs indoors. For instance before you start playing games with your dog, there are some rules. Most importantly you should know about safety precautions you should take. I know your puppies need to really run, not just walk on a puppy leash. Above all else be sure any area you play in has a fence. If they are city dogs, try finding a fenced-in tennis court for play. For example as a last resort, keep the puppy on an extra-long line. Besides you do not want them to wander free until you are certain they will return on your command.

How To Play With Your Dog

In addition the young bones are fragile, and can’t bear the stress of jumping until the growth plates are fused. I know games like Frisbee, or agility training, are for older canines. Besides there is still much you can do with your puppies by having them working at ground level. If you are eager to start these kinds of games. Therefore you can take your puppy to their veterinarian for an x-ray, to see if the growth plates are fused.

I know canines first learn to play in the litter by roughhousing with their litter mates, For example at eight weeks, the canine mother begins to discourage this behavior. I would say you should discourage it as well. Firstly never roughhousing in ways that allow pets to bite, or claw at your hands. In addition a nip from puppy may seem harmless. Most importantly if a full-grown westie nips, you have a behavior problem. It also teaches them that they can dominate you through aggression. If you do manage to get a nip during play. I know many canine owners how to play with your dogs indoors and outdoors.