I know some animal owners struggle with how to Keep Your Feline Cat Healthy. For instance even with the best care, cats can become ill. I will say sometimes this means a simple kitty cold. For example other times the disease might have a more lasting or even fatal result. The following are some of the more common causes of serious illness in cats. In addition an upper respiratory infection (URI) is the pet medical term for what many cat lovers call a kitty cold. Indeed, the symptoms match those of a human cold. For example sneezing and discharge from the nose. While they seem similar, the human and cat version of this infection are different.

Keep Your Feline Cat Healthy

Most importantly one species cannot be infected by the other in a cat cage. Therefore URI is highly contagious among cats. If you have a multi-cat household and notice URI symptoms, isolate the feline immediately. The best pet treatment for URI is time and loving care. I would use a warm, moist cloth to keep your cat’s eyes and nose free of discharge. Therefore you might need to warm the cat food to encourage your feline to eat. I would watch your kitten carefully; not eating or drinking can lead to dehydration. For example if your cat becomes extremely lethargic, it turned into something more serious.

I would monitor the cat carefully; a growing lack of appetite and fever can lead to dehydration. For instance not eating can lead to liver problems. Lethargy can mean a minor URI has become a more serious problem. If you notice this occurring, or if the discharge becomes very thick and yellowish-green, contact veterinarian. Severe URIs may need to be treated with antibiotics. I know some pet owners struggle with how to Keep Your Feline Cat Healthy.