I know a kitty cat with a cold can be stressful for a feline owner. I would say cats experience much the same symptoms as we do when we have a cold. For instance they get runny noses, eyes, sneezing, temperature. Besides they are susceptible to the sinus and chest infections that are sometimes the result with a cold. In addition these infections are called secondary infections. It is important that when your kitten gets a cold that they receive the proper treatment. Above all else you need to keep the mucous and discharge clean by wiping the nose as needed. I would say use a damp, warm rag or tissue and be gentle.

Kitty Cat With A Cold At Home

Most importantly like in humans, a feline cold will last from 7 to 10 days. Besides many pet cats will also refuse to eat when having a cold. I know one reason for this is that cats like to smell their food first. For instance with a runny nose, it’s rather hard to pick up the scent. I would be very careful about dehydration. If your kitty is not eating and is becoming dehydrated, buy some canned cat food. Besides it is 75 to 80% moisture and has a hearty smell to it.

I know felines cough, wheeze, sneeze, and sniffle too; and most of it sounds like it does in people. In addition the best alternative when your cat displays symptoms is to contact your local veterinarian or veterinary hospital. For example if your cat is displaying the more severe of these symptoms then take it to the vet. I know most of these places are willing to talk with you over the phone and may ease your concerns. I know a kitty cat with a cold can be stressful for a pet owner.