I know the large kitty Cat Tree for sleeping it’s worth every penny. I bought this cat bed so I could have them beside me in my office while I work. Therefore it’s worth it’s weight in gold when I can get them to settle in and not want to play. Most importantly the feline kitten tree is patented. In addition they have a orthopedic design.  Above all veterinarian approved three level feline tree. Besides this kitty cat tower is shelter approved. For example the staggered levels provide privacy and minimizes kitten conflict.

I know the cozy indoor cat bed is stain-resistant for years to come. Emphasis on being 100% machine-washable can allow years of fun for your feline. Firstly the cat beds are constructed from durable, cozy ultra-soft synthetic sheepskin. I know they will help keep kittens cool in the summer and warm in the winter months. Firstly this three level feline tree is made in America. In addition this indoor kitty cat bed will allow felines sit up high so they can enjoy the scenery. For example the cozy cat tower is easy to clean with soap and water. I know cats love having a warm spot to sit, and this modern cat bed is perfect. Therefore this soft kitty bed pad provides a cozy interior. Firstly there is no harsh chemical or foreign materials for you to worry about.

It’s light weight and moves easily on the carpet, which is nice too. I do move it from room to room when I have the office door closed to keep them out. For instance I believe the cozy large kitty cat tree it will last.  I have had it about two months now and it’s like new, with Bengals that is saying something!

Thank you.



Large Cat Tree