We have purchased Large Pet Dog Pooch Beds over 20 years from a Roverpet.          For instance these are suspension pet cots and great for kennels and grooming shops.

Best of all they are better than any others out there as their frames, we have found to be virtually indestructible and you can buy replacement covers. In addition even our puppies have never chewed through a frame.

Large Pet Dog Beds

I know they are a little expensive, but if you only have to buy one PVC pet bed the frame lasting 25 years and then just replace the cover every 7 years then the investment is well worth it.

Above all else we still have our first puppy bed frames we bought over 25 years ago! I would say when it was cold and our borzoi’s game of jumping on them and sliding into the cement wall. For instance it broke a piece of the frame, we were able to buy just that one piece!

Most importantly their customer service is fabulous! For example they ship from Arizona, are reliable and have been in business for over 35 years!
I know they were just here in Puyallup and I finally got to meet him
after all these years of buying their canine beds!

I know these puppy beds allow full 360 degree air circulation to help prevent coat matting and skin irritation. Best of all it will provide a comfortable resting place for your pet that even a pillow or cushion cannot match. In addition it will keep your dog dry and comfortable both indoors and out.  Above all else the molded PVC canine cot frame and vinyl mat won’t rust, rot, mold, flake or peel.

Large Pet Dog Beds

They are “good people” We love our Roverpet Large Pet Pooch Dog Beds.

Puyallup, WA