I would say most kitty vets would agree most cats are very smart overall. For instance, there are a lot of smarts packed into that compact little body. Best of all kittens are very clever from day one. I will say many animal cognition experts have spent time researching dogs. For example, we don’t know quite so much about the minds of our feline friends. Most importantly that’s because cats are less interested in helping us with our science. In addition, young kittens more interested in taking a nap daily.


Most Cat Are Very Smart


I will say our understanding of feline cognition is becoming more advanced yearly. For instance, working out just how cats communicate with us is very challenging to feline veterinarian. Most interesting is to whether they dream daily and how long there are memories might be. Best of all every piece of information helps us figure out our furry friends a little bit more. In comparison, the human brain makes up about 2.3% of our body mass. It has been said that African wildcats the domestic cat’s ancestor, have a larger cranial volume.

For instance, can felines store three main types of memories. Is it possible for your kitten to remember things like where their favorite sunny spot is for a nap. I would say that cats can solve problems daily if they truly feel like it. While the overall anatomy of a domestic felines brain is like ours, the orientation is a little different. In addition, felines brain includes two basic types of cells — neurons (nerve cells) and glia. Most importantly neurons are responsible for sending messages throughout the body while glial cells protect the neurons. It’s important to remember the domestic cat’s brain is perfectly evolved for their unique ecological niche. Most domestic feline cat’s are very smart.