I know many pet owners ask themselves about My Feline Cats Timing is unreal. I would say my cats timing on Saturday morning is horrible. For example I start work an hour earlier on that day than the rest of the week. For instance I hit what I thought was the sleep button, but instead I get kitty in the face. I was awakened by four legs of crazy cat being jabbed into my chest. I would say my kitty must have tried to wake me with meows but, having no success. Most importantly the kitten thought of landing on my chest with fifteen pounds of cat.

My Feline Cats Timing

I know of another time my wife had to get something at the store and would I listen for the timer bell. Therefore in the kitchen was a cake in the oven. I said I would, she left, and five minutes later I fell asleep while watching television. In other words a cat seemed to drop out of the sky, landing on my chest with her stiffened legs. Immediately, I smelled cake and raced into the kitchen to save it. For that reason the kitten and I thought just a little scorched around the edges. I knew the kitty and I can place it and hide it under icing.

For example the timer was for me and the kitty so I would not be late for work.  I think that any disruption of the standard routine is reason enough for her to get our attention. I would say from that day forward My Feline Cats Timing is a memory i will recall for years to come. Besides indoor cat towers are constructed from cozy ultra-soft synthetic sheepskin. Most importantly they will keep kittens cool in the summer and warm in the winter.