I know some feline owners wonder how to control your Pet Cats and Your Furniture. This doesn’t mean you have to put up with shredded furniture and drapes. I have four felines of my own, none of then declawed. For instance my upholstery and curtains are intact and my rugs unsnagged. There are a number of steps you can take to minimize or eliminate the kitty furniture damage. Scratching is not just a means of sharpening claws, it’s a vital form of exercise that tones and strengthens the muscles. In addition give them something suitable to scratch on, preferably one of those cat trees.

Pet Cats and Your Furniture

Therefore if that’s what you already have, wrap it with good quality jute or kitten sisal rope. If you sew, you might try making a cat tree you can easily remove. In addition burlap is good for this, weave fabric will work on a kitten tree. My own felines are partial to upholstery velvet and corduroy on a kitty tower. Ideally the feline tree post should be at least two inches higher than the kitten can reach. I know felines prefer a horizontal surface cat tower to scratch on. For example they take well to a commercial feline tower kitty scratching pad made.

I would begin by just handling the paws, and practice extending the claws without trying to trim. In addition kitty cats will become accustomed to being handled and will be less likely to react to actual trimming. For instance after a few days of this, try trimming, just one nail at a time, and only take off the very tips. If you still find it troublesome, most pet professional groomers will do it for a minimal fee. I know some kitten owners wonder how to control your Pet Cats and Your Furniture.