Roverpet pet crates are durable, we use high quality materials in all of our products. Roverpet pet puppy crates and dog beds are designed to last, often performing several times longer than other products. I know you can arrange PVC modular canine crate panels in many types of layouts. For example we take great pride in this, and so we wanted to share this note we’ve received from a long-time customer, Cherie H.

Roverpet Pet Crates

The family purchased their first puppy dog crate in 1998 while traveling to a pet show in Arizona. Here’s what they have to say now;

Dear Roverpet, I’ve been involved with dogs for twenty-plus years and I bought my first roverpet PVC dog cage  about thirteen years ago. We have been so pleased with the quality and convenience of your PVC pet cages. We have come back several times to purchase additional panels. I recommend them to everyone I know. Our roverpet products have been used for whelping pens, growing out puppies, and as free standing gates. We still have all of the original panels and not one of them has broken. When one of my papillon learned that she could climb out of her wire exercise dog pen, I tried using a roverpet PVC puppy pen instead and, to my surprise, she hasn’t gotten out since.

I am so pleased with how well your puppy pens have held up. We will continue to use and recommend them for years to come.

Thank You Roverpet,

Cherie H.

We’ve seen Cherie several times while displaying at Dog Shows, and we love to hear that she is recommending us to others. In addition if you have a story about a Roverpet Product, we would love to hear it. Send a message to and we may feature it here!

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