I know some canine owners are pet dog allergy sufferers for may reasons. For example allergies from dogs can strike anyone at any age. I know how attached most pet owners are to their dogs. For instance they seem to chose living with their allergies rather then giving up their pets. If you find yourself getting congested or suffering a runny nose, itchy nose, sneezing, itchy and watery eyes, coughing. Therefore sore throat, skin rashes or hives, headaches, when you’re around dogs, then you probably have allergies.

Pet Dog Allergy Sufferers

Besides you can still indulge in your appreciation for canines, but you will need to learn some basic techniques. Because you can protect your health, while still enjoying your pet’s company. I know you can ease your allergies by observing some basic rules of cleanliness. I would keep the dog out of areas where you will be sleeping or spending prolonged periods of time. For example wash your hands after playtime, petting or grooming. In addition you may need to take an over the counter allergy medication prior to petting or grooming. Best of all a shower and change of clothing may help as well.

I know dander will pool in these areas and cause a severe allergic reaction. I would keep floors swept or vacuumed, and shampoo or steam carpets every third month. Above all else keep the dog’s bedding, toys and feeding area washed and clean also. If you brush your dog it will quickly learn to like dog grooming, and it will become a enjoyable chore. There are some breed that produce less dander than others, and sufferers should consider choosing one of these breeds. I know some animal owners are pet dog allergy sufferers for may reasons. I would reward your puppy a dog treat after it has obeyed.