I know some animal lovers struggle with Pet Dog Clicker Training. For instance dog clicker training is so much fun for both canines and people. I will say dog clicker pooch training gets the puppy to figure out what you want. I would say this cruelty-free method is revolutionizing puppy training. It’s quite easy to learn at a basic level while in their dog kennel. Therefore it can be used for many enjoyable puppy tricks as well for canine training. I know clickers are inexpensive and widely available at canine stores.

Pet Dog Clicker Training

I would start by having a clicker in your hand, and some puppy treats in a pocket. The canine treats can be dog food while in their pet kennel. For example if the puppy happens to lift his head up, and you click the clicker and give it a dog treat. I know you’ve got it’s attention and it happens to sit, you immediately click and give it a animal treat. Because the puppy done exactly what you want — even though it didn’t know you wanted it.

I would say when it happens to do something that you want or part of it. For that reason it gets the idea that yummy pet treats come when it does certain things. Best of all it may offer you a variety of behaviors. Most importantly just reward the ones that you want in this context. If it doesn’t sit because he is too excited by the pooch treats. For instance you could hold a dog treats over his head. Therefore that it would sit (or even make a motion toward sitting) and then you could click. Try to click at the very moment that it does what you want. I know some canine lover struggle with Pet Dog Clicker Training.