I know some canine owners wonder if Pet Dog Owners Are The Majority. For instance an astounding 65% of all U.S. household have at least one pet animal. In many of these homes, their pets are considered part of the big family. Therefore with so many homes containing pets. It is no wonder that so many laws have been created to protect our pets.

Pet Dog Owners Are The Majority

Above all else responsibility still lies with the puppy owners when it comes to ensuring that their pets are safe. In addition making sure a pet is safe and secure also includes taking the steps needed for their safe return. Besides each year more than a million dog pets are reported lost to animal shelter. I know a large majority of these pets are never returned because of lack of any identification. Best of all up-to-date contact information for the cat owners is important. I know lost pets to be returned to their kitty owners helps relieve animal rescue agencies and kitten shelters.

The solution to this problem is provided by a company that provides the pooch owner the ability to register their pet. Once registered with the service the animal owners contact information is available for recovery of lost pets. Because the loss of a family pet can be a traumatic experience. If there are ways to reduce the stresses associated with losing a pet. I would say then its their mission to make sure that these services are in place. For example pet recovery is greatly improved if the finders of lost pets have a visible identification system. Above all else the pet id tag is the most recognizable items that a animal owner can put on their pet. I know some pooch owners wonder if Pet Dog Owners Are The Majority at home.