I know pet obedience training at home can be stressful for some dog owners. I would say showing off your pet in front of family is something that everyone loves to do. For example having an obedient, happy lab is like having an obedient child. Firstly have you ever been in a supermarket only to come across a screaming baby and a blushing parent? I know I have, and my first reaction is to get as far away from the scene as possible. I have also been in the undesirable situation of being in public with an un trained dog.

Pet Obedience Training at Home

Therefore “A happy pet is an obedient pet” is one that I really believe holds a lot of merit. If you have a relatively well behaved dog, that interacts well with the family. Best of all it is rarely will you or anyone else in that family be angry towards your pet. For instance if your dog is not obedient to a satisfactory level. In addition the puppy does not interact well with the family. Most importantly one of the family will have a hard time coping with the pet. For this reason this trend can only escalate only leading to the eventual departure of the pet from the family.

I would say when teaching your dog basic pet obedience, make sure that you first have an understanding. Above all else dogs have unique personalities none of which are the same. In addition a good trainer that will take the time to figure out the dog. For example before trying to figure out how to best approach basic obedience. There are many external resources out there for you to help understand the art of training. I know pet obedience training at home can be stressful for some canine owners