I know pet poisoning prevention is almost a full time job for new dog owners.  Is your home dangerous to your pets? It might be if you don’t know what to watch out for. For example many things found around our homes are deadly to animals. In addition did you know that grapes and raisins are toxic to dogs? For instance that garlic and onions are toxic to cats? Besides items as simple as chocolate, coffee grounds, and even apple seeds can be fatal. In this article, we discuss how to prevent pet poisoning. Most importantly what to do if you suspect you pet had been poisoned.

I know the best method of poison prevention is knowledge. Best of all what items are hazardous to your pet and if you have any of these. In addition many organizations such as Cat World and the ASPCA maintain lists of common household items. Therefore here are a few commonly recommended steps to prevent household pet poisoning.

I would keep prescription and over-the-counter medicine out of your pet dog reach. I know vitamins, painkillers, cold medicines, can be lethal to animals, even in small doses. Best of all be aware of the plants you have in your home. Azalea, oleander, easter lily, and can be fatal if ingested.

In addition your pets do not go on lawns or gardens treated with fertilizers, insecticides, until they have dried completely. Always store these products where they are inaccessible to your pets. If you are uncertain about any canine product, consult your veterinarian.

I would be conscious of your pet products, particularly those containing pesticides like flea control products. Besides many of these dog products are not interchangeable and can be fatal if used. I know pet puppy dog poisoning prevention is a full time job.

Pet Poisoning Prevention