I know many dog owners wonder how to pet proof your house. In addition the vets wants to know if you are ready to bring your pet home? For instance you must prepare your house. Therefore whether you are bringing home a puppy or adult dog. Besides you may want to spend some time surveying your house from a pet eye view. Above all else wires, drapes and counters look pretty interesting from that height for pets. Most importantly below is a list of how to pet-proof your home for your puppy: It is only a partial list, but a good start to your own research. I know you should be sure to keep anything valuable at least 3 feet off the floor. In addition pets have an amazing ability to jump, even as puppies. Therefore this includes anything on the coffee table, kitchen counter, buffet, etc.

Pet Proof Your House

It may be cute to see your puppy with a mouthful of toilet paper. For instance not when it becomes the habit of an adult canine. I would say keep the bathroom door closed and eliminate toilet drinking and paper strewn about. Above all else restrict access to your kitchen garbage. Best of all place the bin in the kitchen sink or behind closed doors. In addition dispose of your cigarette butts appropriately, as they can cause nicotine poisoning.

I have all heard the horror stories of pets that have gotten into holiday decorations. I know they are attracted to the bright lights and shiny glass ornaments. Best of all keep a close eye on your Boxer if you have decorations. Therefore there are many kinds of poisonous plants, so be sure to contact your local veterinarian for a list. I know many canine owners wonder how to pet proof your house.