I know some canine owners struggle with Pet Puppy Dog Development. The transitional stage a little more mobile during this period. I will say they will try and get their feet underneath them in the whelping box. Therefore they will start to recognize mom and any objects you might place in the puppy whelping box. The almost ready to meet the world stage in their pet whelping box. I know your puppy undergoes rapid sensory development during this time while in it’s dog crate. Puppies learn how to be a dog during this time. It’s essential that they stay with mom and litter mates in the dog whelping box.

Pet Puppy Dog Development

The canine will begin weaning the pups around this time. I know you can begin to introduce puppy food to the canines starting transition as mom weans them.
For instance puppies that are removed from the nest too early frequently are nervous. It’s extremely important to leave your puppy with Mom and his littermates as much as possible. I wouldn’t discipline for play fighting while they are in the pet crate. For example that’s all normal behavior for a puppy at this stage.

I know they will be going through a teething cycle during this time. Therefore it will be looking for things to chew on to relieve the pain. In addition frozen doggie bones can help sooth during this period. I would continue dog training in obedience and basic commands. For instance make sure to never let it off the leash during this time unless in a dog kennel. Many times pups at this age will ignore commands to return or come to their pet owners, If you turn him loose in a public place, and he bolts. I know some pooch owners struggle with Pet Puppy Dog Development.