I know some canine owners wonder if Pet Dog Vaccinations Really Necessary. I would like to save money and have a healthier pet? For instance one day my Shepherd asleep in the living room, when suddenly, he started convulsing so intensely. It went on for a few minutes, which seemed like forever. I couldn’t believe he was OK. It turned out to be a seizure. Most importantly it was then that I began to learn about alternative medicine for canines.

Pet Dog Vaccinations Really Necessary

Firstly the most interesting thing I found out was that vaccinations seem to be a main cause of seizures in dogs. Besides annual treatments are not always necessary ,possibly causing more harm. I would say after that incident, we stopped
pooch vaccinating and the seizures became less. I’m going to tell you how
it’s in your pet’s best interest to possibly avoid yearly vaccinations. Above all else re-vaccination is simply not necessary per some sources. Here is an excerpt from page 205 of Current Veterinary Therapy XI. Most importantly a reference considered to be the premier resource for the entire veterinarian field.

I know that was started many years ago and that lacks scientific
validity or verification is annual revaccinations. ALMOST WITHOUT EXCEPTION
For example immunity to viruses persists for years or for the life of the animal. If you’re concerned about not vaccinating yearly. Therefore you can get proof of immunity even years after the shot, by a blood test. I would say over dog shots might cause more harm than good. In addition this is something that almost all holistic vets agree upon. Therefore some of the pet vets in the country attribute health problems to vaccines. I know some puppy owners wonder if Pet Dog Vaccinations Really Necessary.