I know your Roverpet Plastic Pet Dog Pens are a pleasure cleaning and setting up. In addition we want to thank you for the clips & pet panels we purchased. Best of all we purchased this product in 1990 from you at the Cape Cod Shows in MA. Above all else this was the BEST Dog Item we ever purchased. For instance this product has held up well over the past 21 years.

plastic dog pens

It is still in excellent condition, easy to assemble, light to carry making it very portable. For example the white panels are still clean and bright as ever. In addition we use this product as plastic dog pens inside and outside. Above all else this dog crate folds up easily. I know our canine pet cage door swings freely or locks for containment.

For example it can also be used as a whelping pen, that holds our female Amy and her puppies. In addition we have taken this puppy pens all over the USA & Europe. Best of all the durability & convenience of this product is exceptional. For instance we recommend this plastic puppy pen to all breeders/exhibitors we know including all the puppy buyers. I know every Breeder, Puppy Owner, Exhibitor must own this great Canine Pen.

It is very similar to the Puppy Pen from years ago! Besides the Roverpet plastic dog kennel pen protects all the puppies and gives the darn a safe area to whelp her puppies. Firstly our puppy crate provides you with a versatile kennel that can be transformed into an dog run. For instance it only takes seconds to convert this canine play pen to a pet gate or room divider.

Because of the water-resistant design this canine puppy pen is to be used outside.
Thank you for this product.
Diane & Kenneth

plastic dog pens