I know some feline owners ponder how Playtime for Pet Kitten at Home will work. For example cats have gone from working animals to creatures of leisure in their kitten cage. In the past, a cat spent most of its day hunting. For instance keeping the homestead free of rodents was their main job. I know most felines are pure companions who spend the day waiting on their cat tree. It is important to set aside some time to play with your kitty in their cat cage. Interacting with you stimulates them physically and mentally while on their feline tree.

Playtime for Pet Kitten at Home

The time of day you play depends on your schedule and your cat’s natural rhythms. I know some kitty cats like a leisurely morning, others are up from the moment they open their eyes. It may take a while to find the time that fits you. I would not be surprised to see your cat expecting play at that time each day. For example felines are creatures of habit, and they feel secure with a kitten toy.

In addition a rousing game of chase-the-lure will take the edge off of a feline who tends to attack pet owner’s ankles. For instance a good dose of interaction also fills the need for your undivided attention on a cat tower. I will say this may make the kitty less likely to drape herself across you. If you don’t want your cat to pounce on unsuspecting visitors hands, don’t use yours as a cat toy. If you purchase feline toys for your cat, check to make sure that all small pieces are secured. The best cat toys for kittens are often home-made and only need YOUR interaction. I know some animal owners ponder how Playtime for Pet Kitten at Home will work