I know canine owners want to prevent pet dog bites at home. For instance the first caution for parents is to NEVER leave very young children left unattended with a puppy. If you trust your dog then you likely do not believe that the dog will suddenly choose to attack. For example the dog is not much different than a small child itself. If a dog is unintentionally harmed or feels threatened it may bite in self-defense.

Therefore just as small children may push or scratch another child when they feel threatened. I wouldn’t subject your puppy or child to possible harm by leaving them alone to play. For instance your canine is not an adult. Above all else always supervise dogs and children and you will be preventing a problem from occurring.

I would supervise your children when hugging and kissing their dog as some bites to the face happen this way. Firstly regardless of the age of your children you should discourage roughhousing with the dog. Therefore some of the larger breeds can generally handle rougher play without becoming agitated. Besides large breed may become irritated by ear pulling, grabbing and play. Above all else large breeds may even knock over a small child unintentionally. I know smaller breeds sometimes hurt children because they feel threatened by overly affectionate mauling. In these cases they may bite or scratch in an effort to protect themselves from harm.

Besides it is recommended that roughhousing should be discouraged with all breeds. I would seriously consider fully training any dog you choose as a family pet. While some trainers may feel that the puppy owner is adequately qualified to take on this. I would consider having your dog professionally trained. I know pet owners want to prevent pet dog bites at home.

Prevent Pet Dog Bites