Dog Bed Parts

I know the Roverpet Sheepskin Canine Bed Cover can be found in the dog bed parts section. Firstly they will provide that extra soft fleece comfort you want for your dog or puppy. For instance the sheepskin pet cot cover is veterinarian & shelter approved I know it fits right over the Textilene ®. Sunsure vinyl coated bed cover. Firstly it clips securely to the frame with connector rings. In addition the sheepskin puppy cot cover is machine washable (air dry only)

Dog Bed Chew Guard

Dog Bed Chew Guard

Firstly do you need a Dog Bed Replacement Cover or just want to change the color for your puppy, than we have the answer. For example they have a variety of colors to choose from, this cover made out of Textilene ® Sunsure breathable vinyl coated fabric. I know it is amazingly strong and so easy to clean. For instance it allows 360 degrees air circulation which will help prevent coat matting and skin irritations on your canines. Besides it will not hold or sustain fleas, disease, moisture, or odor.

I know the Roverpet Chew Guards for pet beds are sturdy by design.
Firstly the chew guards go over the edge where the material wraps around the pipe. In addition it prevents the puppy or dog from chewing on the edge of the pet cot and material.  Above all else they are available in white, which gives them the modern look and feel. For example it features Pet Bed Chew Guard technology for added durability. Besides no tools needed to attach to bed. I know the dog bed parts are made in the USA.

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