Whelping Boxes

I know the Roverpet Puppy Dog Whelping Boxes are comfortable, attractive and safe for your canines. For instance these units come recommended by professional veterinarians and breeders world wide  Most importantly the small plastic canine birthing boxes has a 3/4″ spacing between vertical bars. Therefore our sturdy small canine dog whelping box is portable and modular.  In addition our high quality plastic birthing system is designed to protect the litter. Therefore it reduces the danger puppies could face if they were able to roam free. (No Tools or Glue Needed to Assemble)

I know the Roverpet Plastic Canine Birthing Box is part of our famous line of animal cages. Above all else it is available in white, which gives them the modern look and feel. In addition they are lightweight and extremely durable. Emphasis on easy to clean with soap and water. For instance the puppy keeper will eliminate newborns from escaping. Most importantly the Roverpet dog products are made in the USA.

I know this plastic whelping box contains no wood, metal, porous or painted surfaces that can retain contamination   Therefore while assembled, the durable puppy whelping boxes can be wiped clean with a rag. I would say while disassembled, a power washer can be used for even faster cleanup.   Firstly the pig rails are supported by legs requiring no hooks or slot joints supports that can endanger puppies. I know clean up is a breeze with Roverpet whelping box just soap and water. For instance they come standard with Sealed Floors and Puppy Rail System.

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