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Free Standing Gate Leg (Model #FSLA)


Roverpet replacement Free Standing Pet Gate Leg (small) is sturdy by design. The Roverpet free standing pet gates leg is made out industrial strength PVC.  🐶                                  Size: 31″ long x 17″ high

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Roverpet Modular Portable PVC Free Standing Replacement Puppy Dog Gate Barrier Leg is durable and sturdy by design (small).

  • For instance the indoor free standing plastic pooch canine barrier gate small legs will not rust, rot.
  • Roverpet plastic canine barrier can be added to expand to any width.
  • Most importantly the pet barrier assemble in only seconds without glue or tools.
  • Best of all our plastic freestanding dog gates are all about quality & function.
  • I can say the PVC canine pet gate are designed & manufactured to provide a solution.
  • For example the indoor dog canine gate is expertly hand crafted with a plastic design.
  • Size: 31″ long x 17″ high


Free Standing Gate Leg


  • Roverpet wide base legs keeps the PVC puppy dog gate upright & prevents tipping.
  • For instance the attaching hardware is design to keep the PVC indoor pooch gates small leg perfectly in place.
  • In addition the PVC adjustable Free Standing Dog Gate Barrier Leg design offer endless configurations.
  • Above all else the indoor PVC puppy gates attaches in both sides to allow ease of movement.
  • I know the plastic pet dog gate will mesh well with your home’s Decor.
  • For example this freestanding canine barrier is made of plastic.
  • (No Tools or Glue is needed to assemble)



  • Pet owner will enjoy the Roverpet Free Standing Pooch Gates Leg is made out industrial strength PVC.
  • For instance the PVC pet dog gate provides a contemporary alternative.
  • For example the handsome indoor plastic pet barrier offers convenience for you
  • Best of all you can place this plastic small Free Standing Pet Gates Leg anywhere in your home.
  • Above all else the durable plastic cat gates are available online.
  • In addition the plastic indoor puppy gate will help protect the floors.


  • Items Included:                    #FSLA 
  • (1) PVC freestanding (small) barrier canine dog gate leg.

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