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Pet Panel Carrying Sling (Model #10PCSRB)


Roverpet PVC Panel Carrying Sling for puppy pens with built in pouch can make the decision to take your pet along on vacation an easy one.  🐶                                               Size: 12″ wide x 78″ long


Roverpet Pet Canine Cage Panel Carrying Sling for puppy dog kennel crate pens with built in pouch.

  • In addition it can make the decision to take your pooch along on vacation an easy one when using the sling.
  • Above all else our plastic pet play pens fold (like an accordion) for easy transport & storage with the panel sling.
  • For example the puppy dog play pen panel carrying sling are made of textilene ® Sun sure breathable vinyl coated fabric.
  • Most importantly the portable pooch canine kennels are made in the USA.
  • Your friend will be the king of his/her very own plastic pet pooch cage when you carry their panels with.
  • Roverpet durable fabric cover will make sure your indoor puppy dog cage panels stay secure & mobile.
  • Best of all the durable puppy canine crate panel carrying sling is mildew resistant & guaranteed not to rot, or peel.
  • Size: 12″ wide x 78″ long


  • In addition the Pet Dog Pen Panel Carrying Sling is amazingly strong & so easy to clean.
  • Roverpet durable panel carrying sling is compatible with outdoor & indoor puppy dog crates.
  • Most importantly the modular pooch canine crate panel sling are made with a odor-resistant & easy-to-clean fabric.
  • Roverpet durable canine pooch kennel panel sling it’s quick & easy cleaning in the event of an accident.
  • For instance the modular sturdy dog kennel fabric carrying sling for the panels is hand sewn making it stronger.


Pet Panel Carrying Sling


  • Roverpet Pet Panel Carrying Slings will help provide security & easy transport of panels.
  • The plastic puppy crates are excellent for allowing your dog to have some alone time especially during stressful situations.
  • Offered: in Royal Blue.


  • Items Included:               #10PCSRB
  • (1) Pet panel carrying slings with built in storage pouch.
  • Sling will accommodate 4ft. wide x 4ft. long and 4ft. wide x 6ft. long puppy play pen.

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