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Tall Dog Gate (Model #48RP) – 48″ high


Roverpet Tall Dog Gate that offers safety and comfort to your pet. This Tall Dog Gate must be attached to the wall or door jamb with supplied screws and clips.  🐕 (This product is not designed for assertive or aggressive dogs)              Size: 48″ high x 48″ wide


Roverpet Modular Sturdy Extra Tall Puppy Dog Plastic Gate Barrier is a part of our line of indoor durable pet canine products.

  • I can say the indoor extra tall plastic pooch gate barrier comes recommended by puppy breeders.
  • In addition the durable sturdy extra tall puppy canine barriers are veterinarian approved.
  • For instance the plastic indoor pet gate must be attached to the wall or door jamb with supplied screws & clips.
  • For example the pet pooch Tall Canine Dog Gate barrier is extra durable.
  • Above all else the indoor pooch barrier is available online.
  • Best of all the tall plastic pet gates expands to fit 24″ to 48″ doorways
  • Importantdo not over tighten mounting hardware screws to avoid product damage
  • Roverpet portable dog canine gate is made of plastic that can be used inside.
  • Tall Dog Gate height 48″





Tall Dog Gate


  • For instance the Extra Tall Puppy Dog Gates sections can be added to expand to any width.
  • In addition the durable pet dog gate has 3/4″ spacing between vertical bars.
  • Roverpet plastic kitty cat gate provides effective separation of pets from each other.
  • For instance the extra tall pooch canine durable indoor dog gate is USA Made.


  • Items Included:    #48RP 
  • (2) #148  48″ high pet panel
  • (6) #250 divider cat barrier clip
  • (3) #350 wall clasp – short
  • (3) #450 wall clasp – long
  • (1) #RGH – PVC barrier handle
  • (12) black wood screws

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