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Tall Puppy Pen Divider (Model #23D)


The Roverpet PVC Tall Puppy Pen Divider has been designed to use in our dog pens when you want or need to keep your pets separated, but in the same puppy pen.  🐶                       Size: 23″ high x 24″ long 


Roverpet Indoor PVC Tall Puppy Pen Crate Divider has been designed to use in our dog cage kennels when you need to keep your pets separated.

  • For example the modular indoor plastic canine pooch pen enclosure divider is lightweight & durable
  • Best of all the plastic tall dog kennel divider is made out of Heavy Duty Industrial Strength PVC
  • In addition the Roverpet plastic tall puppy cage divider design has no gaps or pinch points.
  • For instance the plastic tall dog crate dividers come with a rust proof construction.


  • Best of all the Roverpet PVC tall pet kennel is made in the USA.
  • Most importantly the Tall Puppy Pen Divider are made with a odor-resistant & easy-to-clean plastic.
  • For instance the tall PVC puppy cage quick and easy cleaning in the event your dog pal has an accident.
  • Above all else the PVC tall canine crate divider is handmade making it stronger.
  • Size: 23″ high x 24″ long 


Tall Puppy Pen Divider


  • In addition the Tall Puppy Dog Pen Dividers are easy to install and comes with step by step instructions.
  • For example the plastic tall puppy cage dividers are designed to meet your family’s needs.
  • For instance the PVC tall dog cage dividers provides protection for your puppy or small animals.
  • Above all else the plastic indoor canine crate divider can offer pets a sense of security, privacy & comfort.


  • For instance the tall PVC pet cage divider can create a cozy den-like space for your puppy.
  • In addition the Roverpet PVC Tall Puppy Dog Pen Dividers will not rust, rot, flake or peel.
  • Emphasis on easy to clean PVC tall dog kennels with soap & water.
  • I can say the plastic tall dog cage barriers are available in gloss white.


  • Items Included:                        #23D
  • (1)  23″ high pet pen divider notched sheet of 1/8″ thick PVC


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