I know one of the best puppy dog potty training methods is avoidance. For example don’t let your dog see anything they shouldn’t be eating, and he won’t. I would say this is almost impossible when taking them for a walk. In addition make sure you are cleaning up after your own dog. For instance avoid places that you know are more ‘infested’ than others.

I would go outside with your canine each time they needs to take a potty break. Best of all you can watch them to make sure they don’t get into the nasty stuff. For example use one of the pet obedience commands you’ve taught them, and reward them for listening. For instance, if they go for the poop, tell them to “Sit!”, and reward them immediately. I would then you can guide them back into the house and avoid the situation altogether. Most importantly try and frame what you want to say to your dog in positive terms, so they knows what’s expected. Just saying, “No!” doesn’t tell them what to do, it just tells them that shouldn’t be doing it.

In addition to the tip above, use a leash to reinforce this puppy dog potty training method when taking your dog for a walk. Although they can be very frustrating, since every piece of something that your dog shouldn’t eat needs to be covered with it. I would say if no other dog training methods work, try placing some bitter orange, super hot sauce or Tabasco.

Above all else your veterinarian may have something they can provide you. I know with that you can added it to your pet dog’s meal to stop from eating what they shouldn’t. Although some people use meat tenderizer instead (just mix a little bit in before every feeding).

Puppy Dog Potty Training