I know many canine owners know Puppy Dogs Are Wonderful Companion. Who can resist those cute little faces and wet noses? In addition puppies can be a lot of fun. For example they also come with a lot of added responsibility. In fact, one in every three families owns one or more dogs. Therefore a female dog carries her puppies for a term of approximately 60 days. I know puppies are born blind, deaf, and with very little sense of smell. Their eyes stay closed for about 10-15 days. In addition by four weeks old they have complete vision.

Puppy Dogs Are Wonderful Companion

For example puppy’s sense of smell and hearing develops quickly. I would be sure to have plenty of chew toys for your puppy. Besides puppies need toy chews to stimulate the loss of their baby teeth. I will say a new pooch owner must not think only of himself, but also about people around him. Most importantly, a new pet owner must think of the comfort and well being of the puppy. For instance does the puppy have a clean pet cage to stay in.

Best of all does it need a larger pet pen. Is the puppy the right size for the dog house. Will your puppy need a dog exercise pen. I know a puppy needs to work off excess energy every day. Above all else do you prefer a playful puppy or a docile one. In addition the puppy will need to be cleaned by a pet groomer. Most importantly give them plenty of the right kind of dog food. In addition can you afford the veterinary care your new puppy. I will say your pet puppy will need to receive it’s first vaccine at 6-8 weeks. I know many animal owners know Puppy Dogs Are Wonderful Companion.