I know Roverpet makes PVC Pet Dog Gates that don’t have many (if any) metal cross pieces so there are no footholds. I have heard of folks adding another indoor canine gate when they climb the first & then another. For instance they can get hurt falling down the other side. In addition if you have a climber do not lift the dog over the dog canine enclosure.

PVC Pet Gate

I know Roverpet recommends to open the pet door. Therefore the tall canine gates are lightweight and durable. Besides the dog gates is available in gloss white. Therefore this tall puppy gate expands to fit 24″ to 48″ doorways. Emphasis on easy and controlled access for you and your dogs, cats with the tall canine gates.

For example our puppy gates are all about quality, style and function. Besides these indoor pooch gates are designed & manufactured to provide a comfortable solution to a pet’s needs. Since the canine gates are expertly crafted with a plastic design. I know the mounting hardware is designed to keep the plastic pooch gate perfectly in place.  Although the pet cage panel design will allow for various size configurations.

I know the portable plastic pooch gate provides a contemporary, alternative. Therefore this Roverpet product offers convenience for you, so you can place this pooch gate anywhere. Above all else extra sections can be added to expand to any width for the tall puppy gates. Besides the durable pet canine gate has 3/4″ spacing between vertical bar. For example the safest is to start with a 4 foot high pet dog enclosure with only vertical bars on hinges.

For instance please don’t show the dog the over the top exit route. In addition the PVC Pet Dog Gate is truly the best on the market hands down.

PVC Pet Gate