I know many feline owners wonder how to Show Your Cat You Care. Above all else cats can reproduce several times a year, and kittens mature quickly. For instance 2 feral cats (the wild offspring of domestic cats) can quickly become 2,000. In fact, the feline reproduction statistics are staggering. In addition these feral cats are actually unaltered kittens that were released by pet owners who no longer care. I know a colony of feral felines can spread diseases among cats and dogs in the area.

Show Your Cat You Care

For example spaying and neutering felines provides several important benefits. In addition to reducing the number of unwanted kittens. If you have an un-neutered female cat at home. In addition the sound of kitty mewling pitifully at the door will soon be joined by. Above all else the yowling and shrieking of every tomcat in the neighborhood. For instance indoor and outdoor tomcats will try to mark everything in sight with their spray.

I know kittens can be altered at quite a young age. For instance some humane societies routinely alter pet kittens at 8 weeks. For this purpose some veterinarians feel that it is better to wait until felines are 5 or 6 months. I know that is often simply not a option. In addition feral kittens who are trapped for altering, then released back into their cat colonies. I would say for those who share a home with other unaltered felines, neutering at the earliest opportunity.

For example a cat breeder, your cat almost certainly would be better off neutered. If the cost is too much for you to afford, many communities have funds for neutering. For instance humane society or veterinarian can give you more information. I know many pet kitten owners wonder how to Show Your Cat You Care.