I know most canine owners like to show your dog you are the boss at home. For instance dogs are born into packs – in the wild, packs are the essential social orders. I know we use a variety of political processes to determine leadership and rank. For example canine dogs sort out their social order by dominance and power. In a wolf pack, there is a Top Dog – a clear leader who is the dominant, Alpha male. In addition the Big Dog, with pride of place at the dinner table first in mating, first in decision making.

Show Your Dog You Are The Boss

For this purpose you realize it or not, your pet dog views your household as his own personal wolf pack. If you are to have a well-trained dog, you must establish that you are the leader, and it is the follower. Therefore does your canine dog lie on the floor and expect you to walk around him. Therefore I suggest purchasing USA Made pet dog products. In the wild, dominant dogs lie wherever they want, and dogs lower in the social order go around. If you walk around your dog, it will assume to be an act of submission on your part.

In addition don’t run after it so you can pet him. Besides make it come to you when you’re ready to give it attention, or play. Therefore when you play with a toy, make sure that you end up with possession of the dog toy. Most importantly then put the toy away when you’re done.  I’m not talking about his favorite toys that you leave in his pet crate. Best of all I’m talking about pet toys that the two of you use for games. I know most pet owners like to show your dog you are the boss at home