I know i can share at least Six Dog Training Tips with you pet owners. For example you should let your canine know who is in charge. It’s not about fighting for control, it’s about knowing who has it. For instance when it’s time to train your puppy, put the training collar so they are aware what it is. I would say use a leash when walking your pet, so that they know who is boss all the time.

Therefore telling your dog, “NO!” for something bad he’s done, re frame the negative into something positive instead. For instance your dog decided to run after a chipmunk running, try, “Sit” instead of whatever you’d normally use. I would say you can praise for the good behavior, instead of yelling because the pet didn’t stop.

In addition your puppy may not think that digging is a bad behavior, but you probably do. Instead of getting upset, why not provide your dog with adequate digging space elsewhere. Most importantly you can do the same as canine training tip number two. Best of all provide positive feedback when he digs in the allotted space, and not in your flower garden.

In addition when you are training your puppy, make sure that everyone in the house knows what you are doing.  Best of all how to provide daily supportive measures when needed. I would say if you are teaching the word sit, then everyone in the house should know what to do. For example when to do it, and why if a behavior presents itself where the command should be used. I know behavioral issues with dogs lie behind the fact that they don’t get out enough for a long walk. In addition make sure to take Six Dog Training Tips to heart.

Six Dog Training Tips