I know vets believe that introducing your puppy to the small dog crate training should be an easy and fun process.  In addition start by putting the canine crate somewhere the puppy enjoys being. For example try the family room or wherever everyone “hangs out”. Therefore open the pet cages door and just let your puppy explore at it’s own pace.

Small Dog Crate Training

I would say reward them for going near it by tossing a biscuit or some other treat. Besides to teach the words “kennel” (I use go to bed) just toss in a treat and say the word. For instance don’t shut the pet cage door every time. I know breeders believe never shove your puppy in a pet crate. For example your puppy will quickly learn that kennel means get in your canine crates.

If your canine doesn’t go in after the cookie, then toss it closer until your puppy does go in. Best of all then let him come out on it’s own. If you don’t want your puppy to learn that every time you say it you mean you are going to be leaving them. Otherwise they might avoid getting in!

Most importantly you can also feed your puppy in their pet kennel. If every time you reward them for going in. For instance they will begin to enjoy it & have a positive association to small puppy dog crate training. I know when you do leave your canine leave a stuffed kong to keep your puppy busy. If they do whine or bark, never let them out. For example wait until they are quiet. I would teach your pet to sit patiently while waiting to leave the dog cage. Best of all starting manners early will eliminate common pet problems. I would say buy USA made.