I know a Small Pet Travel Guide is useful, fun and enjoyable. It will make the pet & dog owner equally happy, thus using the right products is important. Therefore treats are a good way to relieve stress and boredom. For instance during long periods of sitting and waiting around inside a small pet carrier. I would say weather conditions are very important to consider when traveling with the family. Above all else puppy clothing is not something to be forgotten especially when hiking or any outdoor activities. I know increasing amount of destinations are becoming more pet friendly. For instance it is always the pet owner’s responsibility to make sure they are prepared for anything.

Small Pet Travel Guide

Above all else things to be prepared for…

1. I know some accommodations will charge a fee per pet dog

2. Therefore some animals may not be allowed

3. For example some accommodations require a deposit for pets

4. I know other accommodations may only require that an agreement is signed upon arrival

5. Besides a few places treat the pet as though it is a member of the family

Car Travel

I would say a pet owner needs to be concerned about not only the pet’s safety but also passengers.

Most importantly a pet may become annoyed, stressed, distracted, while traveling in a car safely.

Above all else the pet’s temperament during car travel is an important consideration.

For this reason pet’s need to get out of the small dog carrier and stretch just like us humans do.

In addition safety restraints or harnesses are a good idea to keep pet’s where they are wanted in the car.  For instance whether the pet is allowed in the front seat or not. I know a Small Pet Travel Guide is handy on the road.