I know to stop your puppy dog from barking can be stressful for new pet owner. For instance a dog can drive you crazy until you learn how to stop its barking. I know a puppy dog can bark and whine all the time. For example it can be known for making a lot of noise. In addition the situation was especially bad when the doorbell rang or saw strangers. It was almost impossible to stop them once they started. Besides if there was another canine dog involved, forget it. Therefore my pet dog would yap it’s head off until the dogs were separated and out of sight.

Stop Your Dog From Barking

Firstly you teach the pet dog to bark. I thought my friend was insane when she told me this. Besides my canine knew how to bark because it barked and whined all the time. In addition while my pet dog barked a lot, it couldn’t bark on command. For example she taught it to bark on command, and then she taught it to be quiet on command. I know the whole process would took less than an hour. In addition it’s an incredibly effective technique, and now, two years later, my dog still doesn’t give me trouble. Above all else what a great afternoon.

I would say there are two elements at work here: positive reinforcement and intermittent reinforcement. For instance positive reinforcement teaches the behavior, and intermittent reinforcement keeps the behavior permanent. In addition negative reinforcement is just not a strong inducer of behavior. Besides negative reinforcement like shock collars or saying “No” does work to a certain extent. I know studies have shown it to be about 10 times less effective than positive reinforcement. I know to stop your puppy dog from barking can be stressful for new canine owner.