I know the Roverpet Tall Indoor Pet Cats Gates i purchased from your company is awesome. I use it for 3 cats to keep them out of certain parts of house. For instance it seems to be tall enough. For example we had to install small blocks of wood to attach it to the wall. Because the molding on the wall makes it difficult to be flush, this was only because how our house is built.

Tall Indoor Cats Gates

Most importantly the pet gate provides a contemporary, stylish alternative. I know this pet product offers convenience for you, so you can place this pets gate anywhere.  Emphasis on easy and controlled access for you and your cats. I know the feline gates has extra sections can be added to expand to any width. Besides the pet gates wall attachment clips/ screws are included for secure installation.

I know the feline gate has 3/4″ spacing between vertical bars. Most importantly the Roverpet products are made in the USA. Because these kitty gates come recommended by kitten veterinarians and feline breeders. In addition they must be attached to the wall or door jamb with supplied screws and clips. I know they are lightweight and durable kitten gate. Besides the Roverpet tall indoor feline cat gate is available in white.

Most importantly this sturdy kitten gate expands to fit 24″ to 48″ doorways. Although our kitty gates are all about quality, style and function. Besides these portable kitty gates are designed and manufactured to provide a comfortable solution.  Best of all the sturdy pet gates are expertly crafted with a plastic design. I know the mounting hardware is designed to keep pet feline gate perfectly in place.

We just love the fact this tall indoor kitten gate is made in the USA.

Anthony E.