Dear Roverpet,

Roverpet Tall Pet Gates rate 5 stars for some of its good features, The design is fairly ingenious in its simplicity–but that simplicity is also its biggest benefit. If it wasn’t for the fact that this tall pet gates was the first thing that even came close to keeping our Siberian forest cat out of an off-limits room.

– It’s 4 feet tall, higher than that if you mount it higher (of course, then you run the risk of your pet sneaking underneath it!).
– It’s surprisingly sturdy, for something so lightweight.
– The light weight is another pro, since it’s relatively easy to move, lift, etc.
– The bars are thick and close together, so only the very smallest pets will be able to slip between them.
– Bars are smooth and round, providing no hidden toeholds for the pet to climb up and over.
– Installation is relatively simple, once you’ve viewed the online video.

We just love that is is made in america!

Cheri J