I would say the Roverpet Plastic Tall Pet Dog Gates rate 5 stars for some of its good features, Therefore the design is fairly ingenious in its simplicity–but that simplicity is also its biggest benefit. I know that this plastic tall kitty cat gate was the first that even came close to keeping our Siberian in check.

– It’s 6 feet tall, you want to mount it low (do you run the risk of your pet sneaking underneath it!).
– It’s surprisingly sturdy, for something so lightweight.
– For example light weight is another pro, since it’s relatively easy to move, lift.
– For instance the vertical bars are close together, so no pets will be able to slip between them.
– I know the vertical bars are smooth and round, providing no hidden toeholds for the pet to climb.
– I would say that Installation is relatively simple, once you’ve viewed the online video.

Tall Pet Gates

In addition the plastic tall cat gates are lightweight and durable. Besides the tall feline gate is available in white. Therefore this tall feline gate expands to fit 24″ to 48″ doorways. Emphasis on easy and controlled access for you and your cats with the tall pet gates. I would say your indoor pet gates are all about quality, style and function. Besides these plastic tall kitty gates are designed and manufactured to provide a comfortable solution to a pet’s needs. Since the pooch gates are expertly crafted with a beautiful plastic design. For instance the mounting hardware is designed to keep the kitten gate perfectly in place. Best of all the plastic tall kitty gate opens in both directions to allow ease of movement.  I know our plastic tall pet gates will mesh well with your home’s decor.

We just love that is is made in america!

Cheri J