I know many canine owners wonder sometimes will Teaching Your Dog to Heel help. I would say the best time to practice teaching your dog to heel is before you go on walks. Besides your puppy is easily distracted out on the street and you will need his attention to properly teach. Above all else you want to be in a patient and pleasant mood. For instance do not begin training session, if you are in testy mood. I would not train your canine in an unkind or rough manner. Therefore it is best to teach the heel command after your puppy knows his name and the “Sit” command.

For instance you will want to limit the dog training sessions, especially for young puppies to about 15 minutes. I would make sure they’ve gone to the bathroom and have eaten and had some water. Best of all you want the dogs full attention for this.

For this pet training session, you might want to use a training collar, but it is not necessary. In the backyard or garden put a lead on the dog, and keep him on your left side. I would hold the dog leash in both hands, your right hand through the loop and your left hand holding the leash.

For this purpose you will want to vary your direction and speed, turning in circles or doing figure eights. In addition as your dog goes in the correct direction on your left side, remember to give lots of praise. Therefore you might use a dog training clicker or a pooch treat, but try to keep your methods consistent. Try to Teaching Your Dog to Heel with session on a positive note with something the dog has done correctly. I would say followed by lots of praised.

Teaching Your Dog to Heel