It’s just The Best Dog Gate that has been around for over 35 years. It has been tested by the professionals over 20 times. The indoor puppy gate is also the best gate for keeping dogs restricted within your home. In addition building on the research and testing we did for canine gates. I would also say the additional testing at home with a dog & cats. We found that the pooch gate is easy for humans to open but impossible for pets to unlatch. For example the indoor canine gate is also quick to install, easy to position & durable.

The pet canine gate hardware screws directly into your wall studs, so it’s more secure & sturdier. Best of all the plastic pet gate is easier to install than most other indoor pet gates. Above all else the craftiest of dogs can’t barrel through or open the plastic pet gates. Most importantly it’s easy enough to use that you can open it without breaking your back. You can place the plastic canine gate in almost any doorway from 24” wide to infinity.

For instance regardless of where your wall studs or stair fixtures align. Most puppy gates require them to be directly across from each other.  The plastic puppy gate is tough enough that even an overly enthusiastic Great Dane can jump it. Most importantly thanks to its entirely PVC construction. The tall pet canine gate costs a bit more than foreign made product which is shipped in. At 72 inches high it’s the tallest puppy gates in this category. It’s not necessary for most dogs, and it will stop all cats. If you have a overly acrobatic pet it could be just enough of an obstacle. It’s just The Best Dog Gate that has been around for over 35 years.

The Best Dog Gate