I know some feline owners struggle with how to train The Family Kitten Cat. It’s difficult to trace the origin of cats, scientists believe that the original predecessor of cats was a weasel. Actually, Miacis is thought to be the common ancestor of all land-dwelling carnivores, including both kitty felines. In addition the felines were on earth before canines — millions of years before the first canines. I know the early domestication of kittens occurred primarily in Africa and southeastern Asia. For instance cats served many purposes in homes, none of which were decorative.

The Family Kitten Cat

I would say felines were domesticated for their hunting skills. In the hopes that they would control vermin in the home, barns and grain storage containers. Besides one of the cultures that first seemed to accept, and even revere cats were the ancient Egyptians. I know the Egyptians used felines to hunt fish and birds, as well as control vermin populations. For instance the kitten also took on a new place of importance in Egypt’s religion. In addition Felines quickly became sacred to the Egyptians; they were well cared for in the family home.

I know the Egyptian cat is the predecessor of many of our modern day breeds of cat. For example kittens were soon smuggled or taken out of Egypt and brought to Greece and Rome. Overtime kittens changed and certain breeds were bred for ideal characteristics: eye color, hair length. These many different varieties of cat can all claim ancestors in the wild. In addition they are mostly used in homes. I’ll give them about 30 seconds and than I have to run again and do my chores. Sure am loving…or so my mom tells me all the time. I know some kitty owners struggle with how to train The Family Kitten Cat.