I know the Roverpet World’s Tallest Pet Gate stands 72″ high and can expand just by using gate extensions. In addition Roverpet PVC tallest gate is infinite in its expansions capabilities, ranging from 24″ to 42″ in width. For example by adding additional clip-on gate extensions can expand to fit any area or doorway. I know the Roverpet tallest canine gate is simple to install, requiring only a few minutes and a Phillips screwdriver. Best of all once installed it takes only seconds to remove for storage or use in another location.

I know these pet gates can be configured for a right or left opening. Most importantly it opens with just a pull and swings entirely clear of opening or doorway for easy access. I know the Roverpet World’s Tallest Pet Gate was designed for the safe containment that your pet needs and deserves.

For instance Roverpet PVC pet gate is made entirely of heavy duty, industrial strength vinyl coated PVC. Besides it offers unmatched strength, durability and material that will not rot, rust, peel, flake, and splinter or hold odor. I know it can be easily cleaned with simple green or your favorite pet friendly disinfectant. For example this vinyl coated PVC is extremely slippery allowing no traction for those pets that like to climb. Best of all the gate comes with 3/4″ spacing between the vertical bars.

It keeps the majority of animals from squeezing through the spaces. Best of all most dogs and cats cannot jump over the Roverpet tall puppy gate. I know Roverpet has the solution for controlling the access points for your pets! Besides we are proud to offer the world’s tallest pet gates. I know Roverpet has been manufacturing pet products since 1988, in the U.S.A. and are only available online.