There are plenty of toys on the market to keep your favorite pet entertained for hours on end, but there are also a number of factors to consider when purchasing toys for your pet. As with children’s toys, safety should be first and foremost in your thoughts when considering a new toy purchase for your pet.

Do not to give your pet toys that can be broken up and potentially stuck in their throats! Dog toys, like dogs themselves, come in various shapes and sizes. Dog toys should be durable, fun, and safe. Hard rubber toys such as the “Kong” line of products can provide your favorite dog with endless hours of chewing fun.

The “Kong” can also be filled with a mixture of your dog’s favorite treat and peanut butter! Please check with your veterinarian to ensure that it is okay to feed your dog peanut butter. Rope dog toys and rubber rings are always a bit hit with dogs that love to play fetch or tug-of-war. Playing “Frisbee” can also provide hours of entertainment for dogs and owners alike!

Dogs may also enjoy stuffed and furry toys, but be sure your pet cannot get at the stuffing inside as it can be a serious choking hazard. Toy birds and mice have traditionally proven to be very entertaining for cats. They especially seem to like the ones attached to string that you can pull and entice your furry feline to chase about!

They also seem to love simple cardboard boxes, tin-foil balls, and scrunched up newspaper! A recent favorite of cats and cat owners is the laser pointer. Cats never seem to tire from chasing that little red dot around, just be sure not to direct it at their eyes. The feather-and-pole type of toy is also very popular. Scratching posts are excellent forms of entertainment for cats, and they provide your cat something other than your furniture to dig their claws into! Hint: try sprinkling catnip on the post!!